Shatto Milk Case Study | Signal Theory

How we turned a small dairy farm with an even smaller ad budget into a really big deal.

Shatto Milk Bottle


Dairy size grew from

80 to 500+

Facebook fans


Shatto Farms is now a tourist destination.


It’s hard to find an industry that has more parity than dairy. To most customers, milk is, well, milk. Brand loyalty is about as hard to come by as a bull with udders. So, when Shatto Milk entered the market in 2004 with their farm-fresh bottled products at a 30 percent markup, we had our work cut out for us. Still, we knew there was a story to be told. How did we tell it? By adding a little color commentary to the sea of white.



Milk Bottles
Milk Bottles

With very little ad budget, traditional media was out. Instead, we used the bottles to tell our story of simple, fresh, down-home dairy. When the customer reached for milk, they’d have to look past hundreds of little billboards sprinkled all over the shelves.

Shatto culture

It didn’t stop with milk. Our customers got a taste of our brand voice in the butter section, the cheese aisle and even the ice cream freezer. Across the supermarket, we had Shatto telling the same story.

Shatto culture

Shatto 10-year Anniversary

Through top-notch branding and a tremendous product, Shatto Milk built a cult-like following in Kansas City. To say thank you to the fans, we helped put together a 10-year anniversary party. Partygoers received a limited-edition Shatto print and the opportunity to name a newborn calf in exchange for a small donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City.

Shatto polaroid

Customer demand went from “Got milk?” to “Got Shatto Milk?” status when limited-edition bottles hit the shelves to celebrate Shatto’s 10-year anniversary. Flavors like Mint Chocolate, Apple Pie and Candy Corn sold out the same day.

Shatto cows

When it comes to farm-fresh, locally sourced dairy, Shatto delivers. Literally. We helped Shatto bring the milkman back in style with branded trucks, packaging design and more.

Shatto polaroid