Co-CEO Ali Mahaffy Profiled in Forbes for Uplifting Women - Signal Theory

Our co-CEO shares the why behind advocating for women to pursue their best selves

Every leader shows their strengths differently. Some lead by demonstrating confidence, others couple that by serving something greater than themselves. For Ali Mahaffy, our co-CEO and AMIN Americas President, to be an effective leader takes determination to succeed coupled with the idea that she is working for something more than her own personal achievements.

Forbes Contributor Jane Hanson profiled Ali in an article, A Mother’s Day Lesson: How To Lift Up The Other Women In Your Life. Jane focused on how Ali, a mother and leader, is passionate about lifting up and having life-altering impacts on the other women in her life.

Those who know her knew that when Ali “made it in advertising” she would create more opportunities for the women around her. She made it a priority to advocate for female salary equality within the firm and endorsed an employee resource group that provided a safe place for employees to be heard regardless of their race, gender or sexuality. Ali truly believes in the value of diversity, equity and inclusion as it allows many different perspectives to come together to have courageous and creative conversations that end with intelligent solutions. And, Ali’s leadership style transcends Signal Theory and with each initiative, other women are able to soar.

“When I walked into Signal Theory 20 years ago, I thought – this is the place. They treated people with respect and people worked together and appreciated other peoples’ perspectives,” says Ali Mahaffy, Signal Theory co-CEO.

In this article, Jane highlights Ali’s top three tips to help women achieve success. Read the article here.

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