Signal Theory Lands Two Clients in Food Production Focus Area

Fertilizer and livestock genetics companies cite firm’s unique strategic process and agricultural experience

Fresh off this year’s rebrand and a narrowed focus on the food value chain, Kansas City-based Signal Theory has announced that it has been named marketing partner for AgroLiquid, a provider of premium liquid fertilizer and other crop nutrients, and Neogen, a leading provider of genetic technologies for the livestock industry.

“Both of these new clients are about technology and precision that ultimately create sustainability in our foodways system,” says Signal Theory co-CEO John January. “We’re gratified to have the opportunity to drive their respective businesses.”

AgroLiquid and Neogen leaders cited Signal Theory’s agricultural experience and new strategic process, which harnesses cultural systems and taps into the social and behavioral sciences, as reasons for choosing Signal Theory over competing agencies.

“Signal Theory’s unique strategic approach and strong agricultural experience combine to make the firm an ideal partner to evolve our brand and introduce it into new territories while driving sales,” says AgroLiquid Senior Marketing Manager Amy Bugg.

Neogen’s application of genomics to guide management decisions is at the forefront of the animal health industry. Director of Sales and Marketing Tom Schultz cited Signal Theory’s unique ability to simplify communications supporting this highly complex and technical industry.

“Neogen simplifies genomics data so our customers can use it to drive the success of their operations,” Schultz says. “Signal Theory’s unique and thorough approach to simplifying complex communication challenges won our business.”

The wins support Signal Theory’s unique focus on the food value chain, from agriculture and animal health to food production, processing and retailing in grocery stores, restaurants and other channels.

AgroLiquid and Neogen join a Signal Theory client roster that includes big brands from across the food value chain, including Merck Animal Health, Cargill Protein-North America (the #2 U.S. beef producer), AMC Dine-in Theatres and SONIC Drive-in.

Founded in 1983 and based in St. Johns, Michigan, AgroLiquid is a family business that provides premium liquid fertilizer for food and production crops such as corn, soybeans, fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, alfalfa, cotton and turf.

As well as supporting brand awareness initiatives, Signal Theory will design media planning, public relations and creative strategies that drive AgroLiquid sales and introduce the company and its products to previously untapped audience segments.

Neogen Corporation, founded in 1982, is at the forefront of livestock genomics worldwide. Based in Lansing, Michigan, Neogen operates out of multiple U.S. and international locations.

Signal Theory will manage Neogen’s B2B marketing campaign development, including communications and sales materials across print and digital channels.

In addition, the firm will guide projects for Neogen’s animal genomics technologies, which provide services to leading national cattle associations, university researchers and commercial beef and dairy cattle producers. With state-of-the-art genetics laboratories and the comprehensive bioinformatics to interpret genetic test results, Neogen also specializes in identity and trait determination and analysis.

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