Becoming Better
Black Lives Matter

Injustice and oppression for anyone should frighten, disturb and anger everyone.

As a human-centered company that is designed around the idea of empathy, it’s uncomfortable to admit that when it comes to the horrors and injustices of racism, we haven’t listened enough, haven’t learned enough, haven’t spoken out enough and haven’t done enough. This has to change.

We are prepared not only to have uncomfortable conversations but also to take more uncomfortable looks into the mirror. Our team has generated a plan to foster honest, ongoing internal conversations and self-reflection while listening to, learning from and amplifying the voices of Black leaders. We’ll do that, and we’ll share the receipts.

But actions speak louder than words. We have a lot of progress to make toward creating the kind of culture that attracts, supports and creates ongoing opportunities for diverse talent, particularly Black talent, for the long term.

We’re strong believers in the work The BrandLab is doing to introduce careers in advertising to high school students in underserved communities. We’re committed to expanding our work with them in the following ways, starting today:

  • Continuing our financial support for The BrandLab at $10,000 per year for the next three years, and beyond if possible, plus housing The BrandLab’s KC headquarters through 2021.
  • Funding a new post-secondary education scholarship program for up to $10,000 per year and ongoing professional mentoring for high school BrandLab graduates beginning in 2021.

Our intent is to work with The BrandLab to deepen the impact and reach of their existing program, continue education and ensure graduates are empowered to enter the advertising industry upon graduation.

This isn’t to say that we believe this is all we can or should do. In total, however, we hope these are steps to becoming better. And that’s the key. Not feeling better. Actually becoming better. Because Black Lives Matter.

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