Pecans Take Center Stage as “Surprisingly Snackable”
A well-kept-looking elderly woman with grey hair neatly done and dangling pearl earrings tilts her head, her mouth agape and brows furrowed reacting in ambigous surprise to something we can't see.

The tagline "Surprisingly Snackable Pecans" set in stacked orange and blue type.

The American Pecan Promotion Board (APPB) partnered with Signal Theory, a branding agency known for its behavioral science approach to marketing and creative studio SixTwentySix to launch a new campaign aimed at changing the way Americans enjoy pecans. The “Surprisingly Snackable Pecans” campaign, which launches this week, repositions pecans from a holiday baking staple to a delicious and nutritious everyday snack.

Creative Collaboration

The APPB worked closely with Signal Theory to develop a creative strategy that showcases the versatility and appeal of pecans. “Every spot has some sort of surprise. We wanted to dispel the myth that pecans are only for desserts and show the joy and comfort that comes from snacking on something that is tasty and good for you,” said Joe Wilper, Creative Director at Signal Theory. “In the end, we hope to convey that pecans are not just for pies.”

The agency teamed up with creative studio SixTwentySix to bring the creative concept to life. The project’s film director and editor Evan Bourque said, “This campaign felt like a passion project with friends. Signal Theory is a director’s dream team—super creative, collaborative and they write great scripts. They were open to new ideas, creating a productive environment full of trust and free of egos.”

Campaign Creative

The “Surprisingly Snackable Pecans” campaign features three creative spots designed to reach target audiences across generations:

“Squirrel Bro tells the story of a hungry dad’s bond with nature—and mild fear of his judgmental teenage daughter.

“Proper Granny learns from Gen-Z how pecans are, like, a snack vibe now.

“The Other Half features one shopper’s fantastical dream of how pecan halves make their way from shell to shelf.

“These spots are a testament to the power of collaboration,” said Joe Wilper, Creative Director at Signal Theory. “Signal Theory brought the strategic and creative vision, while SixTwentySix brought their production expertise to the table. The APPB provided invaluable insights into the world of pecans and their target audience. By working together, we’ve created a campaign that is not only entertaining but also going to change how consumers think about pecans.”

Comprehensive Channel Mix

The APPB is taking a comprehensive shopper marketing approach to lift the category of pecans. The spots will be available on CTV and streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Hulu, Cooking Channel, Fox and Bravo. The campaign also includes strategies for e-commerce, in-store activations, influencer marketing, social media promotion, digital marketing and out-of-home billboards.

“We’re using a mix of channels to quickly capture consumer attention and drive trackable sales data,” said Serena Schaffner, Managing Director of Global Marketing for the APPB. “By being present at each decision point in the shopper journey, we’re building the use case for adding pecans to your weekly grocery list.”

An outdoor billboard with photos of pecan halves and a headline that says: MORE THAN MEETS THE PIE – followed by "Surprisingly Snackable Pecans" tagline

Surprise and Delight Influencer Approach

The creative team took a “surprise and delight” approach with influencers, who will receive custom merchandise designed to capture the campaign’s surprisingly snackable spirit. “We created merch that make a statement with a simple message: ‘I’m a snack,’” said Wilper. “It’s a playful way to engage influencers and their audiences while reinforcing the snackable nature of pecans.”

With the debut of the “Surprisingly Snackable Pecans” campaign, APPB is ready to make some noise in the snacking world and secure a spot for pecans on everyday grocery lists. “Get ready to see pecans in a whole new light—they’re more than meets the pie!” said Shaffner.

Brown t-shirt and trucker cap with large type that says, "I'M A SNACK" and then smaller type saying, ""

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