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An associate art director contributes to what any piece of creative work produced by Signal Theory looks like — either with the guidance and direction of an art director or senior art director, or on their own. Could be an ad. A website. A menu. A brochure. An outdoor board. A package. An online banner ad. A trade show booth. Any of a number of things.

Most work begins with a brief or other information provided by brand management. The associate art director — often working in tandem with a copywriter — helps imagine and produce the answer to any client challenge. Whether it’s a campaign or a single item, the goal should be to create something that has an instant positive impact on the consumer that promotes the client’s product or brand. The associate art director is, if not the main guardian, a key team member entrusted with the visual content of the final piece.

For an associate art director, here are the basics:

  • You have less than three years work experience of some sort.
  • You are proficient with core Adobe Creative Cloud Apps (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat).
  • Experience with other software/apps (e.g., After Effects, XD) can be beneficial.
  • You have some experience with electronic file preparation for advertising/printing.
  • You are familiar with designing for digital platforms — web/mobile.
  • You have a good understanding of design fundamentals.
  • You are a damn good designer.

Any associate art director should feel the following rings true:

  • You pay attention to the details.
  • You’re collaborative and work positively with a team.
  • You are not afraid to raise your hand to ask a question or toss out a suggestion.
  • You welcome feedback and can channel that into your work.
  • You have an appreciation for advertising, design and their histories.
  • You appreciate excellence in the elements of advertising — photography, illustration, motion, typography, etc.
  • You want to learn and grow where creative is celebrated.
  • You don’t find the notion of a generally fast pace to be disagreeable or concerning.
  • You can talk about your work and clearly explain the reasons/inspiration for your choices.

An associate art director shouldn’t be surprised to be asked to:

  • Assemble a client presentation.
  • Present ideas internally and, at times, to clients.
  • Be involved with contacting and directing photographers, illustrators or other specialists.
  • Talk to students or other groups about working at an agency.

Exceptional benefits include:

  • Access to LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare to continue honing your craft.
  • Six flexible work-from-home days each year in addition to your regular PTO.
  • Up to $500 a year to put toward qualified wellness expenses, like your gym membership.
  • After one year, we’ll reimburse up to 50% of tuition costs for approved continuing education.
  • If you stick around for eight whole years, enjoy a 4-week paid sabbatical, plus a $750 reimbursement for international travel.

Of course, we also:

  • Are an equal opportunity employer.
  • Provide health, dental and vision insurance.
  • Offer salaries commensurate with experience.
  • Offer both traditional and Roth 401k plans with employer matching.