How We Helped Veterinarians Seeking Easier Sales Find Success

Bayer Animal Health: Parasite Poster


Illustrating the powerful case for parasite prevention.


Selling pet owners flea treatments or parasiticides after their pet shows signs of an infestation or infection is easy. But many veterinarians can struggle to sell the products that prevent these issues in the first place, leaving many pets open to dangerous parasites every day.

Image of little dog looking at an illustrated poster.


The struggle to talk about preventive medicine has long been an issue for many medical professionals, and veterinarians are certainly no exception. To help make skeptical pet owners more receptive to those conversations, we aimed to give them an in-clinic experience that illustrates the very real and prevalent danger that parasites present to their four legged-friends.

Can you spot the everyday parasite threats?
Illustration of dogs mingling in park. Dog in center digs a hole..
Illustration of dogs mingling in park. Dog in center sniffs another's rear-end.
Illustration of dogs mingling in park. Dog in center dragging his bottom on the grass.


In clinics filled to the brim with educational materials, we knew this piece had to be highly engaging to even have a chance at working. To accomplish this, we created an illustrated seek ‘n’ find poster that stands out from afar and pulls the viewer in. And once pet owners take that closer look at all the ways their pet is exposed to parasite threats every day, talking about preventing these issues becomes a whole lot easier.

Two people smiling and interacting with seek and find poster
Keep pets protected with year-round parasite protection

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