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Christopher Elbow Chocolates: Craft Chocolates

Taking chocolate lovers on a journey to educate and engage the senses.

Christopher Elbow craft chocolate is made from using carefully-selected cacao beans from a single country of origin. The flavor of each bar reflects the unique terroir of the place from which it came. The packaging we designed celebrates this fact by featuring the unique geography of the places our bars were born.

Dark and milk Dominican Republic Christopher Elbow Craft Chocolate bars sitting in an open burlap bag of cocoa beans.

We celebrated these countries, first and foremost, with a topographic emboss that lets you feel each unique landscape.

The minimal color palette reflects pure ingredients and the artful, but simple process of making bean-to-bar chocolate.

And the addition of a soft touch coating adds a luxurious velvety texture that is synonymous with fine chocolate.

But this packaging isn’t just designed to make you a geography expert – it also helps to create chocolate connoisseurs.

Each bar includes instructions on how to best experience a good piece of chocolate, and gives tasting notes to help point our chocolate lovers’ palates in the right direction.

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