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Kansas City Film Fest International

We gave our hometown film festival a brand identity to rival its international counterparts.

Kansas City Film Fest International may not have the name recognition of the big boys in Cannes and Toronto, but this festival draws international talent.

Signal Theory created a new identity that would help signal Kansas City Film Fest International as one of the premier events for movie lovers all over the world.


We did this by keeping the visuals simple. Just two colors and a bold typeface mixed with energetic hand lettering served as the base of the design.  

Posters, logo patterns, and even pre-show motion graphics were inspired by the paste-up movie posters seen plastered all over city streets. A visual palette meant to capture the imagination of young filmmakers who are trying to make their first big mark on the industry.

The result was a brand identity capable of spreading far outside the reaches of the Kansas City Metro.

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