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Tribe Street Kitchen

This restaurant’s spirit goes way beyond the heart of the Midwest.

They came to us with a unique menu that celebrates iconic street food flavors from all over the world. They were hungry for a brand that pulls them all together. And just like dedicated cart owners and food court hawkers the world over, we served up something fresh and tasty.

Tribe is a 360-degree brand experience that delivers on the multicultural vision of its founders.

From the most high-visibility pieces like signage and menus to accents like napkins and matchbooks, every execution reflects the craftsmanship that has gone into global street food for centuries. And it’s made to deliver an experience that will resonate with adventurous diners for years to come.

Tribe’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to branding that extends past the traditional restaurant ephemera.

We partnered with them to make custom hot sauce bottles, window signage, and even a beer brand.

The managers at tribe have no fear when it comes to trying new things, whether it’s a new brand extension or an idea for an event. The Signal Theory team is always excited to answer those calls. We’re proud to watch the brand grow and evolve. And we’re always up to stop in for a plate of Douchi Shishito Peppers.