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Shatto Milk Company: Milk Flavorizers

Consumer Packaging

Midwesterners are crazy about Shatto Milk, especially their distinct flavors like Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry, Orange Dream and Strawberry. And these bottles seem to fly off the shelves faster than you can say pasteurization. So, what’s a milk lover to do when the shelves run dry of their favorite flavor? Or, heaven forbid, there’s no Shatto Milk at all?

Shatto Milk Flavorizers to the rescue!

Shatto Milk Strawberry Flavorizer
Shatto Milk Flavorizers Family

These shelf-stable, powdered milk tins can be added to any type of milk to give it that unique Shatto taste. We designed the tins to jump off the shelves and wrote the stories to initiate a smile.

Shatto Milk Orange Flavorizer Tin
Shatto Milk Orange Flavorizer Tin Back
Shatto Milk Flavorizers Tin Tops
Shatto Milk Blueberry Flavorizer

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