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SONIC Drive-In: Evergreen Packaging

Helping hungry Drive-In diners unwrap quality ingredients in style.

Before developing Evergreen Packaging for SONIC, the Signal Theory team identified the key insight of “the brands you choose are a reflection of who you are and how you see yourself.” With this in mind, we made sure there would be no shame in sporting a SONIC cup or bag by creating a playful, eye-catching pattern and clearly communicating our quality cues—like “Real Ice Cream,” “Real Fruit” and “Made Fresh For You.” To balance out the playfulness of the pattern, our design team deliberately chose a simple color palette and made sure the SONIC logo remained the most impactful graphic.

Overall, our Evergreen Packaging provided SONIC with an engaging and effective vehicle for communicating the quality message and fostering SONIC pride between seasonal packaging. So what do you say, craving a Cherry Limeade yet?

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