New White Paper: “Feeding a Digital World” - Signal Theory

A look at technology’s impact on how we eat, order and research food in the 21st century.

Nearly everyone is connected to the Internet these days, whether from a computer or on a mobile device. The drive to stay connected to the online world and each other has moved its way into how we eat, order and research food. From mobile coupons at the grocery store to online ordering and reserving tables at restaurants, the way we choose what we eat is being impacted.
FoodThink’s latest white paper explores how consumers shop for food in the digital age and what tactics they use, including:
• Mobile coupons at grocery stores (14%)
• Restaurant reservations online (16%)
• Recipes online (41%)

It’s not surprising that Millennials are embracing digital channels when it comes to finding food, but they aren’t the only ones. FoodThink research found that dads are utilizing digital amenities such as online ordering and finding recipes online even more than moms. And boomers are starting to gain interest in digital channels too.

The study also examines different amenities and perks to using digital, for example:
• Boomers say that not having to wait for their food is the best part of ordering online.
• Dads are twice as likely to order online as the average American.
• Moms are looking for specials or coupons online.

For more on this and other digital topics, download the new white paper “Feeding a Digital World.

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