Hillshire Snacking Brand Cites FoodThink Research - Signal Theory

Hillshire Snacking credits FoodThink research to support the introduction of its new product line. The company cited FoodThink data in its product announcement: “Nearly half of consumers (44 percent) saying their definition of a snack has evolved to include more options” and “for more than half of Americans, snacking has become a way to add variety and explore new flavors.”

HillshireIn its white paper “Snacker Nation,” FoodThink reveals consumer insights that show a continued rise of the snacking culture in America. It also looked at the different consumer snacking segments to provide insight on how to capitalize on the growing trend. This research helped inform the Hillshire Snacking brand as it launched its line of premium snacks.

“Snacker Nation” research also found that brands could benefit from new trends in snacking by focusing on healthy, convenient snacking options and keeping things exciting with novelties that depart from standard mealtime fare.

For more information on America’s snacking culture, download FoodThink’s white paper, “Snacker Nation.”

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