McDonald’s and Kale: Consumer Thoughts on This Likely Menu Addition - Signal Theory

Countless media outlets have been reporting recently that McDonald’s might be adding kale to a variety of menu items. Reports are saying the food company will potentially add the popular superfood to salads and smoothies.

Why the change? McDonald’s says they are attempting to evolve with their customers’ changing tastes and desires.

FoodThink’s previous white paper “QSRs and America’s Changing Tastes” revealed that 58% of consumers say healthy options are important when choosing a fast food restaurant. 

Consumers who are frequent quick serve restaurant (QSR) goers are hesitant to change their current eating habits and they want healthy choices to be more convenient. FoodThink identified several additional health and wellness attitudes that set heavy QSR users apart from other consumers:

  • I would eat healthier if it were more convenient: 58% (123 index)
  • It’s daunting to try to change everything about my diet: 56% (122)
  • Most healthy foods don’t taste very good: 38% (129)
  • I’m so busy, being active and eating healthy often gets put on the back burner: 36% (142)

FoodThink recently launched another white paper titled, “Our Plight to Eat Right,” which reveals that one in four consumers believe most food companies don’t make healthy foods, citing it as a healthy eating barrier.

Many QSRs, including McDonald’s, have worked to improve their health offerings based on similar consumer insights and it will be important for the food industry to observe consumer responses to these changes. Download FoodThink’s free white paper to learn more.

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