New White Paper: “Digital Domination: Tech’s Influence on Mealtime Decisions” - Signal Theory

What food marketers need to know about how technology impacts Americans’ relationship with food

With many American consumers saying they are using technology frequently to make food decisions from finding restaurants to helping them cook, the influence of this medium cannot be understated. More than half of consumers (55%) say they are finding more cooking ideas online than anywhere else.

FoodThink’s latest white paper “Digital Domination: Tech’s Influence on Mealtime Decisions” details how technology is impacting food choices at the supermarket, in kitchens and when finding a place to dine.

Among the insights this study uncovered was that cookbooks are here to stay, for some. Convenience-driven consumers, including Millennials, are more likely to use their mobile phones for recipes. Boomers and non-parents are less interested in mobile recipes and more likely to use a traditional cookbook.

The good news for food marketers seeking opportunities to creatively promote products via recipes is that most consumers (73%) agree that technology makes it easier to find those recipes. A breakdown by segment reveals consumer online recipe preference all ranked high:

  • Parents (75%)
  • Millennials (74%)
  • Boomers (73%)
  • Non-Parents (71%) 

To learn more about how to leverage technology to attract consumer interest, download the free white paper “Digital Domination: Tech’s Influence on Mealtime Decisions.”

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