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Transparency in food production continues to rise. However, it’s important for food marketers to understand there is still room for improvement.

Today, just 37% of consumers somewhat or strongly agree that the agriculture community is transparent and only 34% agree that food companies are transparent about how food is produced.

These numbers are only a slight increase from 2014, but are a significant improvement over 2012.

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An increase in perceived transparency can be linked to increases in media attention and dialogue about food production. The food industry’s willingness to be more open about its production practices is also factor. These increases provide consumers the knowledge to have definite opinions on the degree of industry transparency.

But as the conversation continues to focus on food production and more practices are revealed to the American consumer, improvement is needed both in the way these practices are communicated and in the amount of transparency practiced by the food industry as a whole.

Because consumers believe food production knowledge is important, marketers must remember to style their initiatives toward a continued openness with their customer base.

For more information on this topic, download Signal Theory FoodThink’s white paper “Evolving Trust in Food Industry.”

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