New White Paper: “QSRs and America’s Changing Tastes” - Signal Theory
Today’s quick serve restaurants (QSRs) aren’t just about delivering the fastest, most convenient food possible. Rather, they have to keep up with consumers who increasingly want more out of their fast food. Premium quality food, healthy menu options, and interesting and adventurous flavors and menu items are becoming more important to consumers eating out at QSRs.FoodThink’s latest white paper explores how a variety of factors impact a consumer’s decision when selecting a QSR. Among some of the top drivers are:

  • Quality (93%*)
  • Cost (91%)
  • Health (81%)
  • Flavors (75%)
    *Percentage of consumers saying these attributes are extremely to somewhat important in their selection of a QSR.

While some attributes, such as low-cost and quality, are “must-haves” for QSRs, others can be key differentiators. FoodThink research found that attributes like innovative flavors, drinks, desserts and unique menu items can help distinguish one QSR from the next.

The study also examines how key drivers change by consumer segments, for example:

  • Millennials are more likely to say drinks, flavors and sauces are important.
  • Women are more concerned with health and customization.
  • Men say desserts and combo meals drive their QSR selection.

For more on this and other QSR topics, download the new white paper “QSRs and America’s Changing Tastes.

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