New White Paper: Regulation Nation - Signal Theory

How consumers perceive the government’s influence and regulation of the food industry. 

In an era of food-safety scares and a national obesity epidemic, the food industry has faced heightened scrutiny. Many have called for increased regulation of the food we buy at grocery stores or order from restaurants to help ensure the production of safe, healthy and quality food.

But what do consumers think? Do they support more control or do they worry that too much regulation will limit personal choices? It’s a complex situation and one that FoodThink explores in its latest white paper “Regulation Nation.”

A lack of trust seems to be creating a need for regulation. Only 24% of consumers think food manufacturers can be trusted to self-regulate. But government regulation may not be the sole solution. Only 27% of consumers think the government can be trusted to act in their best interest. 73FoodThinkStat

Consumers want empowerment, not restrictions. Consumers seem to be most supportive of government food regulation that gives them more information. For example, the majority of Americans support nutrition labeling, country of origin labeling, and regulations of marketing claims.

Taking ownership. Most consumers recognize that government regulation has its place and value. However, the majority (73%) of consumers admit that they should take the initiative to learn more about their food rather than trusting food manufacturers and government agencies.

To learn how food marketers can help address the potential impact of government regulations and educate consumers download our latest free white paper here.

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