I Snack, You Snack, We All Snack…Differently - Signal Theory

New FoodThink white paper “Snacker Nation” reveals five different snacker consumer segments.

It’s a known fact that Americans like to snack (81% snack at least once a day), but do we really know what these consumers are looking for? FoodThink’s latest white paper “Snacker Nation” explains the snacking attitudes and desires of five distinct consumer segments: “the Healthy Snacker (29%),” “the Bored Snacker (28%),” “the Starving Snacker (21%),” “the Non-Snacker (12%)” and “the Social Snacker (10%).”

While snacking is embraced by most consumers, the white paper also explains when and why consumers’ snacking can differ between segments, revealing that unique snacking solutions are necessary for each group:

  • Healthy Snackers – snack earlier in the day and prefer organic and fresh foods
  • Bored Snackers – snack most frequently, especially in the afternoon or at night and consider snacks their favorite food
  • Starving Snackers – snack throughout the day and would consider a QSR for a snack
  • Non-Snackers – don’t snack frequently, but consider snacking a part of a healthy diet
  • Social Snackers – snack for diet variety and snack later in the day, especially in the evening and at night



Today, consumers are seeking out smaller “snack-size” meals more frequently throughout the day. Some of the perceptions behind America’s obsession with snacking include:

  • Snacking can be part of a healthy diet: 76%*
  • Snacking is fun: 63%
  • Snacking lets me add variety to my diet: 55%
  • My definition of a snack has evolved: 44%

*Percentage of consumers who strongly or somewhat agree

To learn more about snacking in America, download FoodThink’s new free white paper “Snacker Nation.”

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