Consumers still hunger for more transparency from the food industry

In recent years, mass and social media have increasingly focused on the processes and practices involved in food production. Big-name brands have been called out and forced to explain their practices or, at times, reconcile them. Other brands are proactively taking stances on specific practices to avoid criticism and build positive perceptions.

Last year’s FoodThink white paper “Building Trust in What We Eat” examined the degree of trust Americans had in food production in 2012. Now, FoodThink has gone back to examine how public sentiment and consumer trust in the food industry has changed in this increasingly noisy environment. Interestingly, data indicates that all of the open dialogue on food production may be improving consumer sentiment instead of hurting it. But there is still a considerable amount of work to be done.

Takeaways from this white paper include:

  • Transparency in the ag community and food companies is improving slightly
  • Consumers are looking to food companies to help build trust
  • Trustworthy sources of information for the American consumer
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