Launching the A30 Aviation Headset through the Joy of Flight

Bose: A30 Aviation Headset Launch

How capturing the joy of flight helped launch the A30 Aviation Headset.

To announce the release of a headset that would replace a long-loved favorite, we keyed into the very thing that makes pilots tick (or fly) – the pure and indescribable freedom of flight.



13 years. It had been 13 years since Bose released the A20 – which was still the fan-favorite and industry leader of aviation headsets. Therefore, the launch of a new headset was not only a big deal, it came with the added challenge of proving it was even better than its predecessor.



Pilots love to fly. 

They’re obsessed with flight in the best way, and they’re constantly striving to be better. Better navigators, better communicators, better aviators. But there’s a lot that stands in their way – the distractions of the everyday (not to mention the distractions in the cockpit) often keep them from doing what they love most.

Close up of Bose Aviation A30 headset
Black rectangle with barely visible Bose Aviation A30 headest and the words: Landing Soon March 28, 2023



With a long-awaited product, a teaser campaign felt like the perfect introduction to the new headset. We seized the opportunity to turn Bose’s standard look and UGC-heavy content into something drastically different with a black-and-white takeover hinting at the new form factor. This approach was implemented on social channels, Bose’s owned email program, paid media placements, the Bose Aviation homepage and print placements in top-tier publications.

Print ad – mostly all black with an extreme close up of Bose logo on A30 headset and a headline of 3.28.23
iPad and iPhone with nearly black screens showing extreme close up of Bose Aviation A30 headest and a countdown clock.
Quit the noise. Amplify the experience. Man wearing Bose Aviation A30 headset looking out a small cockpit with beautiful ocean and sky outside.


Finally, on March 28, 2023, Bose launched the A30 Aviation Headset at Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo – one of the largest annual fly-in airshows in the country. The headset hit the market with a new campaign message:  “Quiet the noise. Amplify the experience.” This phrase holds a double meaning; representing both the A30’s ability to quiet the physical noise of the cockpit and the “noise” of everyday life. 

To differentiate from the teaser,  we launched the headset with a stark contrast of color. Our lifestyle and environmental images aimed to showcase the true joy of flight.

Bose Aviation A30 print ad with headline: Quiet the noise. Amplify the experience.



From the very first teaser social post announcing “the countdown to quiet,” news spread FAST. People scoured the internet for clues on the new headset – adjusting the levels on our teaser photos looking for hints, searching foreign patents and using Reddit to track down leaked prototype photos from Japan. 

Overall, with clues about our “landing” date, quotes from early access product testers and aesthetic video animations – engagement rates skyrocketed and enthusiasm continued to build toward the launch.

Row of iPhones showing different social components of Bose Aviation A30 launch


When the headset finally launched at Sun ’n Fun, the Signal Theory and Bose teams collaborated to ensure a buzz-worthy experience. We worked with industry editorial contacts and Bose pilot ambassadors to have product reviews ready to go live. Then, we helped orchestrate a Bose press conference that grew to be standing room only. Over the course of the week, the new headset brought thousands to the Bose booth.

“For some products, and in some situations, success means blending into the background – and the Bose A30 achieves that. … It’s so light and comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. Communications are so crystal clear that you don’t miss radio calls, and controllers don’t have to ask you to repeat.”
– AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association)

Several iPhones with various Bose Aviation A30 social content displayed.

Sales exceeded expectations with several dealers selling out in the first few days post-launch, and Bose led share of voice among all exhibitors at Sun ’n Fun. The A30 was featured in 28 unique trade articles on launch day, 43 during launch week and 74 within the first month.

Increase in Instagram followers


from first teaser post to today

Increase in Instagram followers


during teaser campaign

@boseaviation just take my money

“I just peed a little at the excitement”

– Online comments

An array of various Bose Aviation A30 launch digital ads in various configurations.
Young woman standing and holding the Bose Aviation A30 headsets at open door into a small plane.
Woman pilot wearing sunglasses and Bose Aviation A30 headset during a flight.
Father and daughter in cockpit during flight both wearing Bose Aviation A30 headsets while chatting.
Woman in plane cockpit looking out the window while wearing Bose Aviation A30 headset.

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