A 360˚ VR Experience That Brings the Cattle Ranch to Consumers

Cargill: 360º VR Experience

A 360-degree VR farm-to-fork experience that brings the cattle ranch to consumers.


Sure, people want to know where their food comes from. But leaving the comfy confines of home to spend the weekend on a farm or ranch isn’t always practical. 
We needed a simpler, more accessible way to demonstrate Cargill’s commitment to responsible food production to their customers.


Virtual reality won’t fill your lungs with country air or put soft soil under your boots, but it can deliver a highly impactful and immersive experience – an ideal way to give customers a true-to-life, transparent view of Cargill’s production facilities. 

With a 360-degree rig and and a six-rotor drone, we got to work creating a farm-to-fork experience unlike any other.

Person experiencing VR headset.


To launch the project at Annual Meat Conference, we scaled VR to new extremes with an 18-foot (5-meter) cylinder projection room, complete with fully spatial sound. Visitors to the Cargill space could step off the crowded conference floor – and right into a sustainable cattle ranch. 

Visitors could also explore and learn about Cargill turkey barns, test kitchens and even a pilot plant – a complete look at Cargill’s supply chain. 

But Cargill’s opportunities to educate aren’t limited to trade shows and conferences. To add mobility, we loaded the full 360-degree cylinder experience into a program that plays nice with any VR-capable phone or headset.

Cargill 360˚ VR graphics
360˚ view of farm
360˚ view of cattle
Cargill 360 Degree VR Experience


We created a completely unprecedented experience for conference attendees – and generated quite a buzz doing it. Word spread quickly, and many attendees returned for a second viewing – this time with their co-workers in tow.

“I have to go get my colleague to come experience this. I’ve never seen anything like this at a show.” — Annual Meat Conference attendee

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