How Veterinarians Fell in Love With an Ear Infection Treatment

Elanco: Claro Veterinarian Campaign

How veterinarians fell in love with an ear infection treatment.

It’s true that dog owners enjoy Claro – the one-dose, vet-administered ear infection treatment for dogs. But busy vets who deal with multiple ear infections per day? They’re the ones who really love this stuff.

Just think of the implications! No risk of the clients skipping home doses or administering incorrectly. No worrying about said clients coming back mad because their treatment didn’t work. And way less stress for the doggos that are all vets really care about anyway.

To illustrate all these points and more for veterinarians, we created a series of dating site videos that feature fellow vets telling the wistful stories of how they fell for the one and only single-dose ear infection treatment on the market – and how happy they are that they did.

Bayer Claro in hand with applicator

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