A New Product Launch Aiming to Put Some Good Into the World

Faultless: Lively Probiotic Cleaners Launch

Not all bacteria are bad – Lively probiotics bring immeasurable amounts of good to every home they enter.

We launched a new line of cleaning and pet care products that not only introduced probiotics to their respective industries but also offers parents confidence and comfort as family-friendly products for families.



As a new brand, Lively needed to establish equity in the oversaturated cleaning product industry. Additionally, we needed to educate consumers about cultivating good bacteria in their homes, especially since other brands focus on eliminating all bacteria.



People, and parents especially, care about what they bring into their homes. Lively utilizes natural probiotic cleaning power to ensure a safer environment for their family, pets and household

Floating spray bottle of Lively Multi-Surface Cleaner with the word repeating in the background
Up to 3 days cleaning power - plus photo of young woman cleaning a countertop while holding a baby
3 Lively spray bottle lined up: Multi-Surface Cleaner & Degreaser, Laundry Stain Remover and Mulit-Surface Cleaner


We created Lively from the ground up. After hundreds of names and just as many iterations of logos, we narrowed to three options to vet through consumer testing. “Lively” was a clear winner with its nod to the way probiotics are alive. Probiotics work by eating the food sources of bad bacteria, eliminating them for up to three days (in some products). With an established name and visual identity, we designed packaging for all six products and developed a go-to-market strategy

Three Lively products lined up on different color backgrounds: Pet Spray, Laundry Stain Remover and Pet Breath & Dental Health Water Additive

We had a three-part goal for this campaign: to raise awareness about our new brand, to educate consumers about probiotics in cleaning and pet care, and to create a message our consumers could resonate with. “Put more good into the world” achieved all three. It attached a positive message to the Lively brand, reassuring consumers that with every spray, they are doing something positive for their families.

Graphic treatment of the phrase: Put More Good into the World


To further connect with our audience of mothers and busy parents, we used childlike drawings and a child voiceover to accompany the animated video (shown above). We activated influencers as relatable voices that our audience would connect with, and influencer management thereafter helped ensure the Lively message was continuously and clearly communicated. Our influencers even brought their children and pets into their cleaning routines, showcasing the family-friendly nature of the product. This approach succeeded in grabbing the attention of our consumers, and it also required us to simplify the topic of probiotic cleaning into a digestible format that would be understandable to all ages.

Still from video of child drawing of family outside of their house with boy and dog running by
Still from video of child drawing of dog at their dog bowl.
Still from child drawing of top of Lively spray bottle spraying.
Happy dog being sprayed with Lively Pet Deodorizing Spray.



Our product launch plan included a series of video spots for Connected TV, YouTube, digital placements and social media as well as organic social and paid content from several micro- and macro-influencers known for their lifestyle, cleaning and pet-focused content.

The Good Thing - Approved by Martha Stewart seal

Authentic product reviews from influencers combined with public relations outreach to credible media publications provided consumers with social proof that the Lively product line was trustworthy and reliable. Winning the Good Housekeeping Best Cleaning & Organizing Award for one product and earning the Martha Stewart Good Things seal on two others provided even more shopper validation.

Good Housekeeping Best Cleaning & Organizing Awards Seal“Our Good Housekeeping Cleaning Lab pros and brigade of 200 consumers spent several months testing the newest, most innovative cleaners, appliances and organizers. After analyzing over 1,000 products, we selected winners that are worthy of being in all homes – and your product made the list!”
– Good Housekeeping Lab Team

We also launched a retailer campaign using geotargeted social ads to support local retailers carrying Lively. Post-launch, Lively was positively received – especially for being fragrance-free and safe around kids and pets. Our content from influencer partners had the greatest impact on conversions and sales, with the majority of purchases from the website being driven by their posts. Plus, sales skyrocketed once products were introduced on Amazon.

The greatest payoff of this campaign was enabling our consumers to put more good into their world by creating a comfortable and safe space for their families


net revenue increase from first three months to second three months


of impressions from Facebook and Instagram ads featuring influencers


of Meta-attributed conversions from influencer content

Full line-up of five different Lively products.

“Love cooking with little ones! Defo need that spray to clean up after. ❤️”
– @monstar_007 on Instagram

“Can we please work together again sooner than later? I’m serious, I would love to have a more long-term relationship with Lively.”
– Bonnie Hoellein, macro-influencer

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