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John Deere: Harvest Time AR Filter

How recreating the challenge of harvest scored big with farmers.



Farmers are naturally competitive. Every season is an opportunity to best the previous year’s production. With this AR filter, we were able to leverage that competitive spirit, allowing farmers to challenge themselves (and their friends) through a game that marked the first of its kind.

Developed in-house through Meta Spark Studio, Harvest Time gamifies the most important time of year for farmers, allowing users to experience the excitement of harvest in a race to see who can haul in the most bushels in 45 seconds. And to top it off, the selfie share function at the end allowed users to tout their high score on social channels.

In the first twenty days after its launch, and with minimal media support, Harvest Time produced 220% more engagement than any other paid John Deere social promotion. In fact, we calculated that users cleared a total of more than 28,000 acres, which is the equivalent of 21,000 football fields.

John Deere logo with the title: Harvest Time – alongside a digital combine.
Several iPhones displaying various parts of the Harvest Time AR filter.

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