How We Gave Farmers Their Own Piece Of John Deere History

John Deere: Model D Interactive Experience

How we gave farmers their own piece of John Deere history.

Signal Theory created an immersive campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the John Deere Model D tractor. Our AR experience paired technology with nostalgia for an impactful nod to the brand’s role in agricultural innovation.

100 years ago, John Deere released a piece of equipment that changed the game. To celebrate this milestone, we breathed new life into one of their most iconic machines: the Model D tractor. 

Vintage tractors are popular for a reason. They evoke a sense of pride and meaning for farmers tied to celebrating common roots and how far the industry has come. That kind of nostalgia engages the parts of the brain responsible for personal identity and reward, strengthening the viewer’s connection to the brand. So, we tapped into that to celebrate the Model D’s anniversary. Our AR experience let farmers see the Model D on their land, evoking the fond feelings associated with the historic machine. A realistic 3D rendering brought the machine to life, complete with the sound of a running engine.

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3 iPhones showing home screen and 3D tractor on location – all part of the John Deere Model D AR experience.
3 iPhones showing selfie image and closing frames of the 3D John Deere Model D AR experience.

Our vintage-inspired cover wrap and print ad rounded out the campaign. The design linked the Model D with the modern G5 Display, illustrating just how far Deere’s technology has come. From the first mass-produced tractor to today’s precision agriculture tools, John Deere is always innovating with the farmer in mind. 

As the longest running model of any John Deere tractor, the Model D is highly recognizable and symbolic of agricultural innovation. For many it also represents shared heritage, both with the generations that came before them and the broader farming community. With such a personalized way to pay homage, farmers were reminded of how John Deere has evolved alongside their own operations. The combined power of AR technology and nostalgia, along with engaging multiple senses, made for a truly memorable interaction.

Cover of Successful Farming magazine with John Deere Model D cover wrap
John Deere Model D print ad with the headline "Innovation is Our Engine" and an image of a Model D tractor emerging from a monitor screen.

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