Building a humble variety meats brand into a beacon of culture for Hispanic consumers. | Signal Theory

Cargill: Rumba Meats

Building a humble variety meats brand into a beacon of culture for Hispanic consumers.

Cargill Protein created the Rumba® Meats brand to offer variety meats (also known as offals), which play a significant role in Hispanic traditions and celebrations. Not only is it the first branded variety meats offering to hit mainstream retailers – it’s made specifically for the Hispanic shopper and “celebrates the flavor of family.”

Resonating with Hispanic consumers:


“very satisfied” with Rumba Meats


have a positive impression of Rumba Meats

Capturing our share of a $1.5 trillion market.

Hispanic population and buying power is at an all-time high and growing. But this demographic has long been overlooked by mainstream retailers. So when Hispanic shoppers need variety meats for cherished dishes, it’s always meant an extra trip to the carniceria or other specialty butcher shop.

How we brought “Celebremos el sabor de la familia” to life.

A fresh logo.

First, we gave the Rumba Meats logo more of the flavor of Latino culture.

Packaging that dances to the rhythm of tradición.

We continued to evolve the brand’s packaging for new, innovative product offerings, like value-added marinated meats.

Flavorful fotografía

With brighter brand colors, we developed a rich, saturated, festive palate and refined our brand photography.

It takes careful preparation to give traditional dishes made with variety meats their particular appeal. So we needed uncompromising food styling. Our in-house producers recruited food stylists and photographer collaborators expressly for Rumba Meats.

A delicious digital presence

Compared to other consumer segments, our audience is more likely to use social media or apps to plan their meat purchases, making online resources a highly influential part of their shopping journey.

Bringing the Rumba experience to life.

To engage Hispanic consumers usually skeptical of pre-seasoned products, we designed a gamified augmented reality experience to celebrate the authentic ingredients Rumba uses. This immersive expression of the Rumba brand is activated by the label right on the package, making it easy to access in-store, at home or on busy industry show floors.

Taking la celebración to the web.

We refreshed the Rumba Meats website, adding authentic charm through our “La Familia” blog. The blog featured recipes from our family of influencers, many of which were also featured in our Recetas con Raíces cookbook