Building a Hispanic Variety Meats Brand

Cargill: Rumba Meats Branding & Packaging

Building a variety meats brand into a beacon of Hispanic culture.

We helped Cargill successfully market the first-ever Hispanic variety meats brand offered in mainstream retailers by embracing traditional Latino culture and celebrating the deeply held traditions of food and family.


Overhead image of barbacoa tacos


The Hispanic demographic had long been overlooked by mainstream retailers. So, when Hispanic shoppers needed variety meats, they had to go to a specialty butcher shop. 

When Cargill Protein created Rumba® Meats, the first Hispanic brand to hit mainstream retailers, we had to show shoppers they could get traditional variety meats without an extra trip to the carniceria.

Chorizo, queso and chips
Menudo with honeycomb tripe
Shredded beef tacos


We discovered that variety meats play a significant role in many time-honored culinary traditions. Specifically, celebrations with the family. If we could tap into those memories of food and family, we could create something that would resonate. 

Example of Rumba Meats Packaging
Rumba Meats brand example


Oxtail, tripe and beef tongue are all as unique as the families who serve them. That love of unique food and family came to life across all media touchpoints with the line “Celebremos el sabor de la familia,” meaning “Celebrate the flavor of family.”

The logo, colors and photography embraced Latino tradition and gave the brand a unique flavor, while packaging danced off the shelf with an energy reminiscent of celebrations of the past.

To engage Hispanic consumers skeptical of pre-seasoned products, we designed an on-package activation that led to a gamified augmented reality experience to celebrate the authentic ingredients Rumba Meats uses.

We refreshed the Rumba Meats website, adding authentic charm through the “La Familia” blog. This blog featured recipes from the family of influencers, many of which were also featured in our Recetas con Raíces cookbook

Mobile AR game example
Overhead view of tablets with Rumba webpages


Since rebranding, more consumers are seeking out Rumba Meats in their local groceries. And the engagement and response among Hispanic consumers has been overwhelmingly positive:


“very satisfied” with Rumba Meats


have a positive impression of Rumba Meats

Variety meats glamour shot - bone broth
Variety meats glamour shot - lengua
Variety meats glamour shot - raw honeycomb tripe

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