CPG Branding and Social Campaign That Resonates

Snow Pops: Branding and Social Campaign

How can a brand connect with millennial women? Start with humor.

Rooted in humor and authenticity, we crafted a robust brand persona for Snow Pops. The brand came to life through bold CPG designs and eccentric Instagrams posts that were tailored to appeal to our target audience: millennial women.


Close up of hands holding up 3 flavors of individual Snow Pops frozen cocktails in their long packaging.



Snow Pops, a brand specializing in ready-to-freeze cocktails, lacked brand awareness in the increasingly crowded alcoholic beverage market. We needed Snow Pops to stand out in the right way to the right audience: millennial women.



Humor and social identity are inherently intertwined, which means what we find funny plays a role in how we define ourselves and connect with others.

For millennial women, this couldn’t be more true. They revel in the “Barbie” movie’s relatable comedic dialogue, connect over “girl math” on social channels and look forward to the funny details of a Sunday morning debrief.

Two young women in front of colorful backgrounds – each holding a different flavor of Snow Pops.


The more human a brand can be on social media, the more brand loyalty it can garner. So we gave Snow Pops a unique personality as we wanted our content to feel like it was coming more from a person rather than a brand. Instead of social posts being riddled with “Buy Now” messaging, we tapped into humor and pop culture and shared experiences that were relevant to the millennial audience.


A variety of Snow Pops social posts with photos of the colorful packaging and headlines like: Crack Open a Cold One.Images of text from three Snow Pops posts. "My beige flag is having Snow Pops in my freezer at all times." "Friendly reminder: boozy popsicles exist" and "We like our tea piping hot and our boozy popsicles ice cold, so grab some snow pops, text the group chat and enjoy a happy hour with a side of shooting the sh!t."Hand holding phone with Snow Pops social post of packages and fruit flying in the air along with details from other social posts of packaing, fruit and this headline: No Thoughts Just Vibes.

“Our brand got just the tone we were hoping for, and the social strategy was focused and effective. It breathed new life into our brand and made it resonate more with our customers.”
– Jerry Nevins, Snow Pops Partner

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