Pecans are Surprisingly Snackable in New Media Campaign

American Pecan Promotion Board: Surprisingly Snackable Pecans

Transforming pecans from traditional holiday baking nut to modern everyday snack.


In a category where 80% of nuts are consumed as snacks, only 53% of pecans are enjoyed as such. Plain and simple, many shoppers view pecans as an ingredient in pecan pies, sandies and a smattering of other traditional holiday desserts. How can we make them a regular part of more consumers’ everyday grocery lists?


When it comes to how consumers view pecans, perception simply isn’t reality. Surprisingly, these versatile nuts contain both the nutritional profile and delicious flavor to make them a perfect powerhouse snack. To help consumers realize what they’ve been missing, we leaned into the misperception many of them have when it comes to pecans.

The tagline "Surprisingly Snackable Pecans" set in stacked orange and blue type.


The Surprisingly Snackable Pecans campaign leans into the blind spot many consumers have around pecans, while conveying this delicious nut as a snack that’s nutritious, delicious and most critically in the snacking aisle, fun. By combining simple messaging about flavor and nutrition with a humorous approach made to engage, we’re showing that pecans are a must-have snack consumers didn’t know they were missing, but deserve a place in every pantry, snack drawer and shopping cart.

Still frame from "Squirrel" tv spot of bearded Dad holding up a pecan while nodding and winking.
Still frame from "Other Half" tv spot of 2 men wearing white coats, gloves and hair nets standing at a conveyer belt emptying pecans into a barrel in a crowded back room with bags of pecans and a sign saying "Ted & Ted's Pecan Halvery"
Still frame from "Granny" tv spot of white-haired well-kept granny leaning in hovering inches over her granddaughter who is lying on a sofa looking at her phone, but momentarily surprised by her granny.

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