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Twist'd Q

How we told the authentic story behind a little-known BBQ brand.

As a new brand with little equity, Twist’d Q had to get shoppers to choose their product over the well-known corporate brands that have dominated the seasoning and spice category for years.


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When research revealed that customers valued authenticity when it came to their BBQ, we knew we had something that would resonate. You see, Twist’d Q seasonings and rubs are made from competition-tested recipes by real pitmasters. Not corporate schmoes in white lab coats.

So, we crafted a message around the tagline ‘Make it Unbeatable,’ to let our customers know they could not only create the same award-winning BBQ as the experts, but also be seen as an expert by their friends and family.

To get the product in the hands and on the grills of our consumers, we focused on trial and awareness through direct mail sampling, print and strategic couponing tactics.


We knew our audience relied heavily on the social space for BBQ tips, tricks and recipes. So, we gave it to them in the form of authentic grilling and smoking content. Our social pages became the hub for online BBQ expertise.


Of course, everything laddered up to our pitmasters. Through a four-part documentary series, we were able to tell a more authentic story than our competitors by featuring our championship pitmasters as they prepared for the American Royal World Series of Barbecue®.


Through gifs, memes and short videos, we showed consumers that Twist’d Q was as authentic as it gets, firmly establishing ourselves as the experts in BBQ seasonings and rubs.