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Bayer Animal Health (now Elanco): Ear Book

Ear infection awareness to benefit undiagnosed dogs.


Ear infections are one of the most common health issues for dogs. And Bayer makes some of the most popular treatments veterinarians use. But many owners don’t recognize when their dog has an ear infection.


When it comes to detecting an ear infection, pet owners will never be able to physically feel their pet’s pain. But there are many signs of infection that people can see, hear or smell. Learning these symptoms, and being aware that they’re not normal for healthy dogs, is the first step toward getting their pet the treatment they need.


To show pet owners how to detect an ear infection, we created an educational children’s book to be placed in clinic waiting rooms. Touchable textures and interactive visuals engage the senses pet owners need to detect real infections. And between the board book format and a voice inspired by children’s literature, every page shows the reader that detecting an infection is so easy a kid could do it.


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