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How can you help me create a brand people can’t live without?

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New Brand Definition
Every living thing signals, including brands. When we help to define a new brand, we look to uncover the most effective way to signal its value to the marketplace – everything from name and logo development to brand guidelines that directly influence the look and feel of every piece of communication.

Brand for Scale
How can we move an established brand from one level to the next? It involves studying a brand’s personality and attributes to define and identify areas of opportunity. This includes understanding the audience and better aligning the messaging to the wants and needs of consumers.

Evolve Existing Brand
Whether a brand has been around for two years or 20, our changing world often requires brands to reevaluate their place. This could include redefining the values, mission or positioning statement, or updating the look and feel, which could include the name.

Elanco: Claro Veterinarian Campaign

Veterinarian Campaign

Merck Animal Health: Merck Animal Health Works

Producer Campaign

Shatto Milk Company

Consumer Branding & Packaging


How can you help me create and activate a compelling campaign?

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Concept Development
Great campaigns are centered around a big idea. Concept development focuses on identifying the idea (B2B or B2C) that will resonate with the target across multiple channels and drive measurable results for your brand.

Campaign Activation
The success of a big idea relies heavily on how it’s brought to life across multiple channels. During this phase, we identify the best tactics to reach your audience, including, but not limited to, digital assets, social content, public relations, broadcast media, print or collateral.

Retail Activation
We believe storytelling should continue beyond traditional marketing to the retail space. Retail activation focuses on amplifying brand signals within an online or physical space to capture shopper attention, generate traffic and drive purchase.

Community Activation
Community activation uses a targeted system of tactics designed to engage groups and shape attitudes and opinions in specific or local markets. The intent is to capture attention and effectively guide customers to the point of purchase or market buy-in to adopt new policies.

Elanco: Advantage Multi® Layers of Protection


W.F. Young/Absorbine: UltraShield

Consumer Campaign

Cargill: Rumba Meats Branding & Packaging

Consumer Branding & Packaging


How can you help me create meaningful experiences?

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We can engage the audience outside of traditional media tactics. Imagine a digital or interactive experience, like augmented reality, that delivers a message while delighting the customer at a trade show, retail space, event, or mobile device.

Product Experience
We can help enhance or complement a product or service offering by focusing on the perception, function, or use of the product to increase overall value to customers. Think product packaging, demos, or emerging tech.

Customer Experience
Here we evaluate all interactions a customer may have with the brand. The goal is to remove any frustrations and look for ways to drive satisfaction and loyalty.

Employee Experience
This solution takes an internal look at how employees interact across global and cross-functional teams and within an organization. The goal is to remove any roadblocks and enhance the experience employees have to increase engagement and connection to company culture.

Cargill: 360º VR Experience


Cargill: Digital Meat Case


Cargill: Calgary Stampede Video Wall



How can you help me create valuable products or services?

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New Product/Service Design
Markets change, and with these changes may come a new set of challenges. New Product and Service Design include concepting, creating, and implementing new branded products or services to meet the needs of the market and the consumer.

Product/Service Optimization
At times, existing products or services require realignment. We work closely with clients to dig into any current problems, analyze results and create a strategic framework to align the organization and uncover opportunities.

Organization Design
Through human-centered design and systems thinking, we can come to a deeper understanding of a company’s culture and design organization-specific programs to improve agility and enhance cross-functional collaboration.

Cargill: Rumba Meats Branding & Packaging

Consumer Branding & Packaging

Shatto Milk Company

Consumer Branding & Packaging


How can you help me create tools that empower teams for success?

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Internal Stakeholder Engagement
Great brands are strong from the inside out. We apply the same principles of social and behavioral science to help align key stakeholders and build loyalty in support of brand initiatives.

Sales Team Activation
By harnessing the power of insights, we can create programs to empower the sales force and bolster performance. This includes all forms of support and communication tools that convey product value and drive purchase intent.

Partner Activation
Strong brand partnerships help to amplify messages and build trust around products. Partner activation may include social influencer campaigns, cause branding, co-branded activations, or even local store marketing programs.

Elanco: Advantage Multi® Layers of Protection


Cargill: Rumba Meats Cookbook

Influencer Promotion

Kansas Health Foundation

Cause Marketing


How can you help me plan to drive innovation and growth?

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Business Strategy
Think of it as a road map for achieving goals. This may include a mission, vision, or other strategic priorities for an entire organization or business units.

Annual Planning
Whether to guide resource allocation or develop a tactical marketing plan, this strategic framework can help achieve business objectives and brand goals.

Scenario Planning
Brands do not operate in a vacuum. This process identifies key influences such as social, technological, environmental, and political trends to make a flexible, long-term plan based on known facts about the future.

Crisis Planning and Issues Management
Bad things can happen to even the best brands, and the effects can cause lasting damage. Preparing for crises by equipping teams with proactive response plans can minimize harm and preserve a brand’s reputation.

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