About Signal Theory and Resonance Branding Strategic Framework

The science of consumer behavior never expires.

Two months’ salary for a diamond? Plop, plop, fizz, fizz? We try harder? These are famously effective marketing ideas that are also famous examples of behavioral science working to a client’s business advantage. Why? It comes down to how humans decide what to do.

The predictably irrational way people make decisions.

People make 35,000 decisions each day. 35,000. So it’s no wonder that, as a species, we reflexively go with our “instincts” to sort those decisions quickly. Except it isn’t our instincts at all. It’s the significant influence of cultural systems and our enduring collection of cognitive biases at work. Consumer behavior is human behavior. And in plain terms, it can work for or against your marketing plan.

Design with humans in mind.

Signal Theory applies behavioral science and data-driven insights to create human-centered solutions that not only irresistibly nudge customers to action but also defend profitability and create goodwill.


TikTok is great.
But have you tried price relativity, anchoring or the Pratfall Effect?

There always seems to be a new magic bullet for a marketer to add to the arsenal. But the more things change, the more consumer behavior stays the same.

In other words, your hyper-targeted, reverse optimized and ultra-personalized influencer experience delivered seamlessly over 5G can be boosted or busted by the hardwired factors of human behavior.

Let Signal Theory prove how technology and data work harder for your brand when partnered with the proven levers of human-centered creativity.


This is who you’re dealing with.

More than 100 of us show up every day with the purpose of building the healthiest client relationships possible. We believe that’s done through trust, respect, accountability, creativity and a certain je ne sais quoi. Signal Theory works best with clients and co-workers who take their craft (though not always themselves) too seriously.

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