How Signal Theory helped Shatto Milk Company bring the milkman back.

Shatto Milk Company: Delivery

We helped Shatto Milk Company bring the milkman back.

Shatto Milk is a Kansas City favorite. Perhaps the Kansas City favorite when it comes to fresh dairy products. The farm has been bottling milk since 2004, and those bottles have found their way into almost every grocery store in the city. Their success was so great, in fact, that it eventually became difficult to grow distribution much further.

For most businesses, the solution would be simple: Expand to more cities. But that’s easier said than done when your product ages like, well, milk. So we worked with Shatto to come up with a more creative solution. Instead of shipping the milk away from the area, Shatto would launch a local delivery service.


Reviving an American icon.

Luckily, milk delivery has a charming history. Decades ago, the milkman delivered fresh, ice-cold goodness to front porches near and far. He was dependable. He was honest. And he was considered a hardworking part of every customer’s family. All we had to do was put a modern spin on an American classic. 

We started with the trucks. Since the fleet could essentially act as mobile billboards, we made sure the look and copy reflected Shatto’s signature tone.

To get customers familiar with the Shatto Home Delivery drivers, we created a series of nostalgia-inducing trading cards inspired by the baseball cards one might have seen back in the heyday of the milkman.

They’re not your typical business cards. But when it comes to making the milkmen a true extension of the Shatto brand and creating an experience that keeps our fans and customers coming back for more, we think they knock it out of the park.

Then we created yard signs with copy that allowed customers to show their support for the local farm.

Now Shatto Home Delivery has grown to offer hundreds of products from other local brands, from bread and vegetables to coffee and prepared meals. We’re proud to see how one program can lift up so many other small businesses in the community. 

Was the campaign a success? We believe the customer enthusiasm speaks for itself. You’ll be hard-pressed to drive through a Kansas City neighborhood without finding a white Shatto Home Delivery chest sitting on a front porch or two.