How Signal Theory helped Shatto Milk Company bring the milkman back.

Shatto Milk Company: Delivery

We helped Shatto Milk Company bring the milkman back.

By embracing a century-old idea, we were able to reach the modern consumer in a way that helped Shatto expand their business locally and create a stronger connection with customers.


Vintage Shatto Milk Delivery Truck in front of home as milkman walks up to porch carrying fresh milk bottles.




Shatto Milk has been
bottling milk since 2004 and is stocked in pretty much every grocery store in Kansas City.  Still, like most growing businesses, they wanted to expand, but knew distributing in other cities would be difficult considering the shelf life of milk and lack of brand awareness outside of Kansas City.

Shatto Milk delivery truck moving down residential street.


With more and more customers shifting to online grocery shopping, we wondered if we could create a delivery service that would expand distribution locally while capitalizing on brand affinity for Shatto.

Rearview of Shatto Milk Delivery Truck


Let’s bring back the milkman. 

Milk delivery has a charming history. Decades ago, the milkman was a symbol of dependability, honesty and hard work. And it was uberlocal. Everything that the Shatto family farm represented. 

We started with the trucks, treating them like mobile billboards to get the word out. Copy and graphics reflected the unique Shatto style and tone of voice.

Next came the milkmen themselves. We created a series of nostalgia-inducing trading cards as a nod to a time when milkmen were in their heyday.

Front and back view of Shatto Milk Delivery All Star Trading Card.
An array of Shatto Milk Delivery trading cards

Because Shatto had such a cult following, we knew customers would want to show off their new delivery service. So we created branded yard signs for our customers to show their support.

A Shatto Milk yard sign on a green lawn with the front door of a house in the background. Yard sign says: Get milk the old-fashioned way. Off your doorstep.
Shatto Milk Delivery sign planted in front yard with front porch and door in the background. Sign says: From cow to curb.


Shatto Home Delivery has grown to offer hundreds of products from other local brands, from bread and vegetables to coffee and prepared meals. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to drive through a Kansas City neighborhood without finding a white Shatto Home Delivery chest sitting on a front porch or two.

Shatto Milk yard sign in grassy yard with steps leading up to a porch behind it. On the porch is a milk delivery box. Sign says: As good as goods get.

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