Silver Honey Equine Wound Care Explainer Video

W.F. Young/Absorbine: Silver Honey

Using the power of simplicity to help create trust in a unique new wound care product for horses.


It’s a fact. Horses are accident prone. And most horse owners have a whole shelf of wound care dusts, salves and sprays that didn’t work or caused more problems than they fixed. So, how do you launch a revolutionary skin-friendly product into an already crowded market full of skeptical buyers?


When their partner is hurting from a cut or scrape, horse owners feel compelled to do something. And are willing to try new things if they’re sure it’s going to work and won’t harm their horse.


As humans, we favor options that appear simple and complete over those that are complex and ambiguous. When it was time to launch Silver Honey, we created an explainer video as part of an integrated marketing campaign to help tell the story of its unique combination of proven ingredients in a visually charming manner that simplified the science into a fun, engaging narrative.

Microscopic layers of skin cross section

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