New White Paper: “Meal Planning’s Effect on Grocery Shopping” - Signal Theory

What food marketers need to know about the evolving path to purchase.

While many consumers say they are starved for time in the hectic world we live in, many appreciate the benefits of meal planning. Over half of consumers (57%) say they try to plan as many meals as possible, with a large focus around weekday dinners.

FoodThink’s latest white paper “Meal Planning’s Effect on Grocery Shopping” explores how consumers plan their meals and what benefits they receive from planning meals. Among some of the top activities done before going to the grocery store are:

  • Making a shopping list (70%)
  • Planning the main dish (63%)
  • Reading ad circulars (59%)

The good news for food marketers is that consumers want suggestions for meal ideas, recipes or dishes. Consumers are looking for suggestions like recipes on packaging or using apps to help with meal planning. Some of the segments most likely to want meal suggestions include:

  • Dads (62%)
  • Organic Shoppers (59%)
  • Moms (58%)
  • Millennials (57%)

To learn how meal planning is making an effect on grocery shopping, download the new free white paper “Meal Planning’s Effect on Grocery Shopping.

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