New White Paper: Our Plight to Eat Right - Signal Theory

Exploring the roadblocks to healthy eating in America and the power of moderation.

Despite the best intentions to eat healthier, Americans are struggling to reconcile their wellness ideals with reality. Consumers aren’t interested in obsessing over calories or following the latest diet trends. Rather, they’re trying to moderate wellness on their terms.

FoodThink’s latest white paper “Our Plight to Eat Right” explores the factors consumers struggle with in their quest to eat healthy. Among some of the top barriers are:

• Expense (62%*)
• Convenience (47%)
• Intimidation (46%)
• Availability (41%)
*Percentage of consumers who strongly or somewhat agree that these are barriers to healthy eating.

The good news for food marketers is that consumers want help making healthier choices.ConsumerHelp

But, what are the wellness issues consumers need solutions for most? FoodThink examines how barriers differ by consumer segments, for example:

Millennials are more likely to say taste and convenience are barriers.
Moms especially wrestle with prioritizing health.
Men say preparation stumps them.

To learn how to make healthy choices easier for consumers, download the new free white paper “Our Plight to Eat Right.

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