A Premium Product Needs a Premium Product Launch

Bose Broadcast

How we shook up a niche market with a colorful product launch.

Female tech wearing Bose SoundComm B40 amid a backdrop of lights.


High-end consumer audio isn’t the only market Bose dominates. After success in aviation, the military and pro football, Bose targeted broadcast, theater and production with the SoundComm B40. The headset was leagues beyond its competitors – but it had a price tag to match.


Research told us that savvy, skeptical production pros wanted proof that Bose had done its homework – a repackaged consumer product with a price bump wouldn’t cut it. 

We needed to demonstrate that Bose understands the intricacies of the theater, broadcast and production world and the needs of the pros who work in it.

Bose SoundComm B40 headset isolated on white. Head-on.


To do so, we turned the spotlight on the drama behind the scenes. The B40 took center stage in glamorous, energetic and colorful depictions of the fast-paced production life. In highlighting the skill and passion often hidden behind the backdrop, we won the trust of our audience.

Bose SoundComm B40, carrying case and accessories fanned out on isolated white background.
Bose SoundComm B40 product brochures stacked. Third brochure is open, highlighting a spread.
Phone mockup example of a Bose SoundComm B40 Instagram Story
Two Bose SoundComm B40 print ad examples.
Collage of Bose SoundComm B40 advertising examples, including print and digital.

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