SONIC Drive-In: Winter Packaging - Signal Theory

SONIC Drive-In: Winter Packaging

Feels like winter. Tastes like summer.

Red mittened-hand holding up a SONIC cup.
All photography: Signal Theory Productions



Let’s be real, winter’s kind of a drag — it’s dreary, and the days are short. We’re all just looking to escape, but for some a QSR like SONIC isn’t always the first destination to come to mind. So when SONIC asked us to design the 2021 winter packaging, we wanted to create something that was sure to turn up the heat and position SONIC as a summery oasis in the cold winter months.

Out with the cold, in with the summer views.

Illustrated red station with real mini SONIC cup on top.

The packaging’s visuals and copy served up an oasis from the frosty temperatures. Leaning into SONIC’s sunny disposition, tropical snow globes and nods to the dog days of summer covered the packaging and the line, “Feels like Winter, Tastes like Summer” drove home the sunny sentiment.

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