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Cargill: Calgary Stampede Video Wall

Educating consumers hungry to know more about their beef.

At one of Canada’s largest events, we strategically harnessed immersive tech to serve up the transparency people crave.



For years, Canadian consumers bought their beef without needing to know much about where it came from. But today, that sentiment has changed. We knew consumers would want to know more about where their beef comes from and how it’s made at 2018’s Calgary Stampede. And we knew we needed to have answers.

Cargill Calgary Stampede Wall Graphics


Beef consumers want to know where their beef comes from. But in the context of a crowded expo floor, drawing attendees into that conversation is tough. So before we could tell the story of how Cargill beef makes its way from farm to table, we had to lure them in with the promise of a standout experience that made them want to stop and hear what we had to say.


How do you build an educational message that stands out at an event with 1.2MM visitors from around the world? We started with a 150-inch interactive/touch screen video display and immersive VR content that showed how beef makes its way from farm to table. We paired it with a fully functional meat case stocked with a wide variety of cuts and preparations. And to foster the conversation even further, we staffed the display with beef experts who answered a range of questions from visitors young and old.


Over the course of the 10-day festival, our interactive video wall premiered in front of more than 750,000 Calgary Stampede visitors. We educated beef consumers of all ages about what it takes to get the products they love from our farms to their table.

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