How Human-Centered Design Helped Cargill Steal the Trade Show

Cargill: Digital Meat Case

How we helped Cargill Protein steal the (trade) show.


Cargill Protein’s trade show presence is an important part of their business pipeline – so it’s no wonder they wanted a booth experience that affirmed their position at the top of the market. Their lofty challenge to Signal Theory: Make the Cargill booth “the best booth.”

Cargill Trade Show Digital Meat Case


Take a stroll through any protein industry trade show and you’d be surprised at how many brands ship in full-size meat display cases, then stock them with hundreds of pounds of product.

You might be even more surprised to learn that after the show ends, that food simply gets discarded. It’s a clunky, costly, dated system – one we knew just how to fix.

Example of traditional meat case


Enter the digital meat case: By exchanging full-size meat coolers for 65-inch touch screens, we could show attendees far more than just packaged meat.

Protein photography example

Drool-inducing product photography, consumer insights, relevant statistics, production and supply information – it’s all easily accessible through a smooth, simple and colorful user interface.

Chef Station Icon

The digital meat case would even direct attendees to a variety of Cargill chef stations where they could sample featured products.

Sustainability symbol

The best part? By eliminating postshow waste, we helped Cargill signal that they’re taking their sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives seriously.

Cargill trade show screens


All told, we created an unforgettable experience for attendees. Supported with a 15-foot wraparound video screen display column and chef-staffed sampling stations, the digital meat case – along with other tactics like a 360-degree VR cylinder, has helped Cargill raise the bar at industry trade shows and send their competitors scrambling to catch up. 

"We have to bring it next year." - a competitor

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