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Hemme Brothers Creamery

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Hemme Brothers Creamery Packaging Family
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The four Hemme brothers take farmstead cheese a bit further than most, from raising the feed corn to making the cheese. As such, their products call for a handcrafted brand that pays just as much attention to detail as they do. From the dairy barn that conceals a subtle lowercase “h” to the four icons that stand for every stage of the process (from crop to cows to cream to curd), no detail of this handcrafted brand is left to chance.

Plus, with bright colors, bold text and names that speak to the German heritage of the Hemme brothers, this line of farmstead cheeses jumps off the shelf and separates this brand from all the pastoral scenes and smiling cow illustrations you usually see in the cheese aisle. All while letting the quality of the product shine through. Delicious.

Hemme Brothers Original Curds
Hemme Brothers Jalapeno Curds
Hemme Brothers Creamery Identity
Hemme Brothers Creamery Identity

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