High-end chocolate meets hometown retail.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates: Retail

The chocolate made in KC joins the store Made in KC.

When people visit Kansas City, the Country Club Plaza is almost always a must-see. This historical outdoor shopping district features popular restaurants and retailers and is, in many ways, the heart of Kansas City. So when Christopher Elbow Chocolates came to us saying they’re building a presence on the Plaza, we wanted to make sure it looked just as delicious as their bars, bonbons and other confections.


Transform the Christopher Elbow Chocolates retail experience into a bite-sized version for Made in KC, a popular destination for goods, gifts and apparel created by area artists and makers.


Located in the Country Club Plaza, Made in KC is a vibrant one-stop shop for residents and out-of-towners hoping to get a taste of everything Kansas City has to offer in the form of locally themed and inspired products. But with so many creators taking advantage of this shared retail space, we needed to help Christopher Elbow Chocolates stand out as the sweetest gift one can give while serving as an extension of their flagship stores in KC and San Francisco.


Because so many booths compete for attention, we figured a little eye candy was necessary to bring in the desired foot traffic. So we constructed a freestanding island that sat in the middle of the booth. The front face of the island acted as a billboard, showcasing the colorful bonbons from Christopher Elbow’s Signature Chocolate Collection.

The island’s wedge shape invited visitors into the space and guided them to our tabletop display, where they got an up-close look into the Signature bonbon collections.

The back side of the wedge presented another opportunity to highlight Christopher Elbow’s line of craft chocolates, along with one more chance to nudge visitors toward making the sweetest and most sophisticated purchase they’d make all day. 


Made in KC has given discerning chocolate lovers and local tourists alike access to the Christopher Elbow Chocolates creations they crave in Kansas City’s premier shopping district. This location has been part of the Elbow family for two years and counting.

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